Tryad - You Are God EP [2006]
Tryad - You Are God EP [2006]
Tryad - You Are God EP [2006]
Tryad - You Are God EP [2006]

youaregod remixes

After scott did an initial re-mix of Tryad's haunting 'You Are God', We got together to remix this a few more times and put together an EP, Enjoy

"...terrified I was of actually recording it. Thought Christians might hunt me down and hang me from a tree. vocals were actually recorded outside, on a mountain in Colorado, looking out at the stars. My laptop was hooked up to a van battery. Was living with a master seed saver and farmer temporarily. Much of my recordings were like this. Random places. Bedrooms. Hotel rooms. Whatever. USB microphone and a laptop. That's it. Using Linux, of course." - vavrek

  1. You Are God (AlbumVersion) [4:45] (vavrek,saelynh,holowach)
  2. You Are God (electro mix) [5:09] (vavrek,saelynh,holowach,wadell)
  3. You Are God (subatomic mix) [5:40] (vavrek,saelynh,holowach,wadell,meinert)
  4. You Are God (soft mix) [5:43] (vavrek,saelynh,holowach,wadell)
  5. You Are God (iceluge light mix) [5:40] (vavrek,saelynh,holowach,wadell,meinert)
  6. You Are God (orangepeel dark mix) [5:37] (vavrek,saelynh,holowach,wadell,meinert)
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Scott Wadell,Wes Fabian: 
Cover Design
Eric Wadell: 
Cover Model
Kevin Meinert: 
Cover Additional Concept

Released: 2006