cinematic techno-industrial
groovy, dark, exotic, with elements of beauty and shadow.
an exploration to the reality of your innerworld.

Entire Catalog available in CD Format (until June 4, then gone forever!)
[03.30.2021] The entire subatomicglue catalog is now available on CD at Amazon for a limited time (until June 4, 2021).
With this, we've released some rare material never before seen from the Archives on the new Flowerfall album.
Inertial Decay CD Format
[10.19.2020] Our 2012 album Inertial Decay is now available in Compact Disc format! Get your copy today at Amazon! (Limited time only, till June 4, 2021)
Inertial Decay released
[04.15.2019] We are excited to finally release our 2012 album Inertial Decay for public consumption! This previously unreleased album was shared privately with friends and used to showcase our Mantis307 Synthesizer. Also, new design, and we're bringing you more from our archives, including some soundtracks and collaborations. Enjoy.
8 years later... Mantis307 VST updated for 64bit
[09.02.2018] After a hiatus, incubating what will become the seeds for the new band superczartemple. We've updated the popular Mantis307 VST for 64bit, so you can keep generating amazing sounds.
Mantis307 VST released
[05.15.2010] Mantis307 VST is now available Now you can make noises just like subatomic...
subatomic posters
[04.17.2009] subatomic posters added to the store! canvas or glossy! ([2019] added to the store)
subatomic ringtones
[06.23.2007] subatomic ringtones for your ph0ne, rock out your phone, annoy your coworkers ([2019] added to the store)
jam session with hernan battiato
[04.02.2007] jam session with hernan battiato, excellent didjeridoo player. fun stuff. hope to do it againsoon.
new t-shirts
[01.22.2007] added new t-shirts: orange/blue, black/white, black/blue ([2019] these are now found in our store)
Gene Kiegel - Kabuki
[01.14.2007] Gene Kiegel (photographer) uses subatomicglue music in his Kabuki narative, here
Collaboration - Try^d's Listen
[12.31.2006] Hear us on Try^d's newly released album "Listen" where we created the musicfor the track "Empty".
we're now on cdbaby
[11.14.2006] we're now on cdbaby, check it out, read about the band,listen to music, buy CDs
Collaboration - Try^d's You are god
[09.24.2006] Collaboration with Vavrek and Scott, enjoying working with them to remix this single
music player
[08.23.2006] new subatomicAMP, uses Flash now (here you go linux people)
Sui fire dancing video
[08.05.2006] Sui sends us two fire::dancing::videos. subatomic on fire. anyone got marshmallows?.
selling your friend (for cash) released
[07.26.2006] New Album! selling your friend (for cash) is now released, available in mp3/ogg or jewelcase CD for $5.
CDs for sale
[07.18.2006] All CDs for $5.00 ea, enjoy.. ([2019] this lives in the store now)
Some Downloads 4 u
[07.18.2006] Full albums available in ogg/mp3 formats, streaming, bittorrent, eMule.
tr^ad's remix of electrovibe
[05.01.2006] created a re-remix of empty (tr^ad's remix of electrovibe).
Collaboration - darksky remix project
[05.01.2006] our darksky remix is released on the dark sky remix project CD, announced here, and here
Back up
[03.15.2006] server's back, hello san francisco, byebye chicago.
Subatomic hardware on Synthtopia
[01.22.2006] We're on synthtopia, cool!
Hear us on Upscale Chicago TV series
[11.22.2005] Hear us in 8 Upscale Chicago episodes, premiering weekly starting 11.25.2005 on UPN @ 12:30am
Soundtrack work - Atomic Battle Dragons
[11.18.2005] Atomic Battle Dragons uses subatomicglue music.
New cover art for upcoming album
[11.01.2005] Bob Rissetto has created the cover art for the upcoming Selling Your Friend (for cash) album
Hear us on JonnyRobo2
[10.11.2005] Hear subatomicglue in JonnyRobo2, a live action anime by film students at Ithaca.
Hear us @
[10.03.2005] Hear us on's front page. A weekly 1/2hr television show about Chicago's culture and nightlife.
Accepted onto OpenCity 2005 music CD
[08.26.2005] We've had reports that 3 of our tracks have made their way onto the OpenCity 2005 music CD
Hear us @ intellectualicebergs podcast
[07.18.2005] intellectualicebergs podcast featuring subatomicglue background music.
Hear us @
[06.24.2005] Lenoxx uses subatomicglue music on front page of their website.
Hear us @ Team3D counter-strike videos
[04.21.2005] Team3D features our music in 3 of their counter-strike videos: [1, 2, 3]
[02.24.2005] Approached by the BBC to use subatomicglue music in documentary.
Albums posted
[01.25.2005] Added full album downloads in convenient .zip file. FLAC format with JPG images, read readme.txt for info
[01.25.2005] A number of people have asked about donations so we've added it: click the box at the bottom
Upcoming Chicago TV production to use subatomicglue music
[11.26.2004] Rev Productions to use subatomicglue music in 2 UpscaleTV episodes (a local Chicago TV production).
SubatomicAMP player
[07.28.2004] added subatomicamp, loaded it with several sound clips
Site redesign
[07.14.2004] With the upcoming new album, we thought it was time to redesign the web site.
[04.30.2004] Album covers and fan art are now in the gallery ([2019] moved to instagram)
Soundtrack - Communist Aggression ut2004 mod
[03.02.2004] we've been asked to create and remix music for the Communist Aggression ut2004 mod
New SubaGear
[08.13.2003] want to wear something different? clothing is now available, go here and scroll down
Soundtrack - isotope244 atomic cannon
[05.16.2003] our music has been chosen as the soundtrack to isotope244's new game atomic cannon.
CDs - Aeonblue
[05.01.2003] CDs are available for order. Aeonblue is now available get the CD, or listen to it.
Hear us in this Animation short
[12.15.2001] Animation short featuring subatomicglue. Use Divx player to play it.