Retrobooster [2014]
Retrobooster [2014]
Retrobooster [2014]
Retrobooster [2014]

Video game by ReallySlick:

cold dark space, the voyage, the emptyness, fire and screaming.

A reinvention of the cave-flyer for players who love games of skill. You control an extremely responsive ship, which opens up new possibilities for speed flying challenges, puzzles, and bullet hell scenarios. This game is set at 1980s difficulty--Survive it if you can. - ReallySlick

  1. menu (violentlydreaming) (meinert)
  2. levelend story01 story02 story03 story04 story05 (globalenemy) (meinert)
  3. tutorial (bospherous) (meinert)
  4. junkyard outerspace arena cavities (atlantis in november) (meinert)
  5. invasion descent moonslide (darksky) (meinert)
  6. round_and_around core clockwork (spin) (meinert)
  7. masher ascent grinder (forestfloor) (meinert)
  8. longshot subsurface wayout (rotorbaum) (meinert)
  9. symbiosis nightfall full_thrust (the fall of sol) (meinert)
  10. factory machine bowels space_between (electrovibe) (meinert)
  11. planet13 trapped (cthuluinu (episode2)) (meinert)
  12. blackzone gateway (haunted forest) (meinert)
  13. arachnophobia menagerie (zombie princess) (meinert)
  14. shortcut (art progressive) (meinert)
  15. enemy_territory star_crossed (aeonblue) (meinert)
  16. mind_warp armory (pixelguru) (meinert)
  17. blackout (structurist) (meinert)
  18. credits (cthuluinu (episode1)) (meinert)
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Composition, Programming, Mastering
t.welsh,K. Meinert: 
Sleeve Design

Released: 2014
(c) 2014 k.meinert & subatomic records.