Tryad - Listen [2006]
Tryad - Listen [2006]
Tryad - Listen [2006]
Tryad - Listen [2006]

vavrek wrote and performed the hauntingly beautiful vocals over subatomicglue's 'electrovibe' to create the track 'empty' found on Tryad's 2006 "listen" album.

'listen' is t r y ^ d's second creative commons album release. involving the work of 20 musicians located around the world, this album represents a global collective effort. a blending of multiple styles, with a specific focus placed upon classical piano, 'listen' is a mature work of melodic electronica. share and enjoy.

  1. struttin'
  2. breathe
  3. alone
  4. listen
  5. you are god
  6. lovely
  7. beauty
  8. empty (vavrek,k.meinert)
  9. mesmerize
  10. all the same
  11. this
  12. waltz into the moonlight
  13. far and away
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Released: 2006