Inertial Decay [2012]
Inertial Decay [2012]
Inertial Decay [2012]
Inertial Decay [2012]

In the rusty spaceship the alien plays a didgeridoo-like device, printed with faded letters barely legible 'M^n'.s:3#7'. Puffing, crossed legs, levitating, fireflies alight on the instrument making its face like firelight, organic glow halos of digital action, abstract geometry bouncing in time.

Subatomicglue's 7th studio album, "Inertial Decay" is the soundtrack to a rusty spaceship piloted by a solitary alien, filled with bliss, horror and polygons. Frontman Kevin Meinert developed the material alongside the Subatomiclabs Mantis307 virtual analog synthesizer - in a symbiotic relationship - until the fireflies and bloody handprints formed upon all surfaces in the recording studio.

  1. Hard [01:40] (meinert)
  2. Acidbass [00:32] (meinert)
  3. Cause of New Dark Age [04:50] (meinert)
  4. Daybreak Falls [02:08] (meinert)
  5. Forestfloor [05:20] (meinert)
  6. Rabbithole [03:56] (meinert)
  7. Feedme [03:50] (meinert)
  8. Grand [06:03] (meinert)
  9. Strawberry Flavored Death [02:09] (meinert)
  10. Subfloor [04:43] (meinert)
  11. Silicone [03:36] (meinert)
  12. Inertial Decay [04:28] (meinert)
  13. The Void [01:23] (meinert)
  14. Weet [01:18] (meinert)

Concept, Composition, Programming, Editing
Sleeve Design concept/photography

Released: 2012
(c) 2012 k.meinert & subatomic records.