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subatomicglue[subatomic records]

Welcome to subatomic records -

Q. What is subatomic records?
A. a recording label for electronic music.

Q. What artists are currently under subatomic records?
A. subatomicglue

Q. What styles does the label accept
A. Cutting edge sonic pleasures, unique and interesting cinematic soundtracks, electric-hybrid rock/metal/industrial/tribal music, floor pounding beats, and ambient minimal funky thoughtful textures.

Q. How do I get my band on the label?
A. We're very selective, but contact us, submit some of your work,
   if it moves one of us, we'll all take a vote on it.
   be sure to mention you're interesting in joining the label :P

Q. I run a record label, may I also publish subatomic-records artists
   under my label?
A. contact us. we are totally open to this idea

Q. When did subatomic records form?
A. Sometime in 2001

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work is licensed under a creative commons license
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