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Play clips of all the best tracks, get an instant idea who we are and what we do. (requires flash player)
[*] Subatomicglue Discography
All albums are listed here for download, streaming, bittorrent.. Also includes information about subatomicglue's past projects, track listings, dates, random comments...
[*] local.fileserver::
Take a peak at what's on our fileserver. All albums in OGG and MP3 format @ 196kbps, some .flac files, and album art here as well.
NOTE: slow download speed, be sure to use a download manager and let it run overnight (or use one of the mirrors below).
[*] local.fileserver:: experimental work in progress
Constant entertainment. See what we're working on. Some of it may even show up in future releases. It's like looking into the future. It's astounding isn't it?


[*] Jamendo - subatomicglue
All albums! Streaming (listen live), Downloads (bittorrent), MP3, and high quality OGG... Leave a comment...
[*] myspace - subatomicglue o.O ... be my friend. do it. NOW! myspace is lame, but yeah, anyway, here you go. (plus, they do have a nice little music player here, 4 suba songs, get em while they're hot).
[*] cdbaby - subatomicglue
has a nice little bio writeup here, and you can order subatomic CDs as well as listen to them.
[*] apple - itunes
no one buys _real_ cds anymore right? go buy your virtual toones here, just don't cry when they're deleted.
all tracks here for streaming... and scrobbling!
[*] .-= fishyghost's mirror =-.
.:: all tracks (complete mirror!) ::.
Thanks to fishyghost for mirroring the files. :)
a couple tracks.
[*] AudioStreet - Subatomicglue
A few tracks available for streaming. A few experimental tracks are here... not on any albums yet.
[*] OpSound - Subatomicglue
A few tracks are linked back to here... only.
[*] Zebox - Subatomicglue
A few tracks available for streaming. This is a good place to go for a quick listen.
you can find a few good tracks here, though the page is getting a little old
some really (really!) old stuff
[*] Atomic Battle Dragons game by Isotope224
our music is featured in isotope's new game "atomic battle dragons"
[*] Atomic Canon game by Isotope224
our music is featured in isotope's new game "atomic cannon"
[*] Free Peace MP3s
They have a spoken word remix of "Rust", words come from a JFK speech. Interesting... yay peace. (scroll way down the page, or search for suba)

.::Radio Stations Playing Subatomicglue

[*] 1200 micrograms
we're in the playlist rotation of this radio station. A cool station with lots of IDM artists featured.
*** got a radio station? playing subatomicglue? send us your link.

.::Other Assorted non-music Stuff

[*] Subatomic Tsoonami Font (exe, zip)
A font similar to Cartoon Network's Toonami font used in 2004.
[*] Subatomic Screen Font (exe, zip)
Small Screen Font, good for web designers, video games, console windows... Use at 6pt.
Commons License] This
work is licensed under a creative commons license
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