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[subatomicglue's 'atomic battle dragons soundtrack' album cover]
atomic battle dragons soundtrack
[2005] - the way of the dragon: on the edge of the beast a dragon warrior rides, magic and might, conquest and skill, rages in this epic journey. this is intense medieval deep trance

Compact disc in jewelcase, fullcolor 2 page booklet, cd, and tray art.      ...   $4.99 [unavailble for purchase at this time, check back soon]
Album Notes:
So Isotope244 calls us up.
Naturally they wanted to use our music in their game Atomic
Battle Dragons. We said, right on :)
Below are the tracks we made for them.
The game is like joust on steroids, it's fun, you should play it.
Track Listing
1. title meinert 02:20 [mp3]
2. theme1 meinert 03:42 [mp3]
3. theme2 meinert 05:08 [mp3]
4. theme3 meinert 03:48 [mp3]
5. theme4 meinert 05:14 [mp3]
6. interlude meinert 01:27 [mp3]
7. title (loungeedit) meinert 02:26 [mp3]
Date: 2005
Label: subatomic records
Length: 23:58 minutes
Genre: instrumental electronic
Category: intense deep medieval trance
Production Credits
Kevin Meinert: Composition, Programming, Mastering
J. Bryant, N. Deligaris, K. Meinert: Sleeve design
Commons License] This
work is licensed under a creative commons license
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