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:: energies at subatomic scales do not behave as we would expect.
:: they possess a completely different set of physics.
:: when brought together these energies are strong and unforgiving,
:: but far apart they amount to nothing.
:: the subatomicglue keeps us from falling apart.

About subatomicglue (in depth):
  o band members
  o things we like, influences
  o F.A.Q.
  o Contributing!
  o fanmail

[*]Band Members
Kevin Meinert - programming
kevin is at the center of chicago's subatomicglue where he spends his waking moments building custom synthesizers and hacking graphics code. in an alternate timeline, kevin has battled the dark side, built shiney graphics technology at this place and explored the extraordinary in virtual reality.
Herb Sawyer - programming
contrib on the "zombie princess"
Tony Nagy - programming
composition work on "song of ylith"
Lew Hill - engineering
production work on globalenemy album
Basilisk - composition
composition work on "aggression"
Bob Rissetto - art
creation of the "selling your friend for cash" album cover art
James Hindley - art
creation of 3circles song art
contributor at initial concept brainstorm for the "grinding innocent dogs" concept used in the "selling your friend for cash" album cover art.
Fishyghost - art
creation of fractal image on aeonblue album
[*] Things we like
Electronic music
  • orbital (middle of nowhere)
  • plaid (not for threes, double figure)
  • underworld (boucoup fish)
  • crystal method
  • prodigy
  • propellerheads (decks)
  • portishead
  • depechemode (violator)
  • amon tobin
  • lords of acid
  • air
  • mouse on mars
  • astral projection
  • aphextwin
  • plastikman
  • smashing pumpkins (gish,siamese)
  • radiohead (kida,amnesiac)
  • fugazi
  • thrill-kill-cult
  • morresey
  • tori amos
  • danzig
  • misfits (anything w/ glenn)
  • beastie boys
  • ween (chocolate and cheese)
  • sepultura (chaos ad, roots, against)
  • nine inch nails (broken,spiral,pretty,fragile)
  • tool (undertow, anime, opiate)
  • white zombie (sex, astro)
  • prong (prove you, rude awakening)
  • marylin manson (anti)
  • deftones (White Pony)
  • monster magnet
  • kyuss (sky,blues)
  • faith no more (angel dust)
  • full metal alchemist
  • ghost in the shell
  • samurai champloo
  • paprika
  • venture brothers
  • battle angel alita
  • guu
  • Phillip K Dick
  • Wiliam Gibson
  • Tad Williams (otherland)
  • Neil Stevenson (snowcrash, diamondage, anathem)
  • HP Lovecraft
  • dr who
  • fringe
  • douglas adams
  • richard feinman
  • richard dawkins
  • dali lama
  • mozart
  • james bond 007
[*] Frequently Asked Questions


ask questions... we'll answer...

Q. what kind of music is this?
A. it's cinematic industrial. take a quick listen here.

Q. What started subatomicglue?
A. this music is a response to industrial espionage, environmental disaster, and thoughtcrime.

Q. who's your influences?
A. probably 4 bands are the most influential to us, mouse on mars, orbital, nine inch nails, and aphex twin. our sound can usually be described as a combination of all of these.

Q. I want to modify your music, and/or sell it for my own profit
A. Cool. Just give us credit. Money or donations are nice too
(seriously, you people who donate, we love you. we buy new gear because of you, no, take that back, we eat because of you. ok you got us, we starve because we only buy gear. it's a sick obsession. but we needs our vintage 80s techno, 70's modulars, and 90's crunchy guitars... more bleeps and bloops please!),
but the CC license at the bottom of the page says you only need to give attribution (credit) and that derivative works need to be "available". (this doesn't keep you from selling them or using them live, just that you should post them on your fileshare, webpage, or give them away at your shows on CD - or just be open to sharing what you changed if I email you about it - and everything's cool).

Q. I want to sign you to a record deal.
A. go here, and email...

Q. you make your own instruments?
A. yes i love the smell of solder and melted plastic. there's no better way to know your hardware than to have built it.

Q. What's the best equipment to get if you're just starting to make music?
A. The answer varies depending on your music background, what you want to accomplish, if you're playing live, etc.. FLstudio (buy it 10% off) is very complete, all-in-one. Get it if you just want one piece of software to do everything. Abelton Live is also very cool, great for live tweaking (FL is too). Otherwise, buy some hardware, nothing is better than real analog gear, nothing dirtier, nothing fatter, for reals. x0xb0x, Access Virus, Clavia Nord Lead/Electro/Stage are all great synths.

[*] Testamonials, Fanmail
We'd like to take this moment to thank the fans. you guys are the greatest.
(... denotes private correspondance edited out for privacy)

kenny shults - I SUPPORT U!!! I think your multi-genre music is new and DISCUSTING! ITS SICK! i got your music at soulseek and i think i got almost all of it...but i love it and i just want you to keep going...

Try^d - :: greetings subatomicglue love your music!

posted at - Subatomicglue: Good, Free Music: "Looking for some decent music to code to? Sick to death of your current stash of old techno? Head over tosubatomicglue and download their music. It’s well done, it’s high energy, it’s entertaining, and did I mention it’s free? You could even download some of their pre-release tracks (they call them “experimental”) while you’re at it. If you’re a techno/electronica fan, you won’t regret checking these guys out."

rezitenziAelektrikA - you music its a more perfec off the fuckin WORLD = o · o · no hablo mucho ingles pero grasias

Bernard BERTRAND (photographer, Brussels Belgium) - I've got some tracks from your subatomicglue project on my "most wanted" play list. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Ten years ago I was turning mad about Orbital, know I still love their music, I'am also listening to other stuff many many others I just wanted to tell you that your music IS something!!!!! I spend sometimes long moment listening to it on my headset straight to my brain, while I'am drawing for my photo shoot ideas. Many many thanks, keep on make us fly. ;) ...

Mike Perry ( evil labs) - I found your stuff on GNUtella... its really really good.

cubicrainbow (musician: dolom zero) - dood your music is awesome, i just wanted to say that, i've been a fan of yours for like 3 years. your stuff has inspired my own music too, so thanks dood xD

Martin Hanby (musician) - Greetings fellow artist . That tune "dance of the butterfly" is sooo nice ! I am so awed that you distribute your music for free .

Eric Shoemaker - Your music is amazing and your website looks great!

Dreyco - I, ..., am a big fan of yours and hope you keep up the good work (finish airborne!!!)

Bradley Cain - You rock! ... I was doing a LimeWire search for some Crystal Meth/Chemical Brothers techno after I reformatted and forgot to backup my music. I found you guys by mistake (Dance of the Butterfly) and loved it, I immediatly checkedout your website. The fact that all your music is available for download from your site is awesome, and also greatly appreciated. Coming from a more rock oriented music style myself, the Cthuluinu episodes are by far my favorite. Keep up the good work bro, I will certainly keep listening!

Michael Roberts - I came across your web site and music while looking for orbital, fantastic music, thanks. Just thought I'd let you know your music is appreciated!

ArX (artist) - Hey how it's going man? I've been listening to your stuff for quite awhile now. ... I love the music and I just want to tell you to keep it up. Peace out.

Gogmagog (Michael Bechard, basist for Present Chaos) - Hi, just wanted to write you guys and let you know what a great job you're doing with your music. There's some really original, fresh stuff here, and you've managed to avoid the trap of typical house loop-it-to-death patterns. And the variety between tracks is great too; I can hear allot of different influences in songs from the Cthuluinu songs to Enigma Warrior to Dance of the Butterfly. ... keep up the excellent work you've been doing with the music so far. I think you're a real inspiration to indy artists everywhere on the net looking to produce their own music outside of the boundaries set up by the corporations.

philo (musician) - Just saw your nick on soulseek, Checked the site out.. I enjoy your music.. very deep stuff.. I was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating at all? ... Im listening to rust right now. .Sweet track.. ...

CyberKiller13 - When I accidentaly downloaded your song "jet pack in hand" from mropheus, my attention was imediately grabbed. The progressive beet and the new sound made my mind very delighted. I went of on a little quest to many independent stores in downtown houston looking for your album(s). After checking all the urban music stores I could locate, I gave up my quest in the city and started looking for your cd on the net. Very quickly I found your web page and of course ordered both of your cds. Your web site is very nice. Your pictures are awesome.

flourine (dj) - Hey, I was checking out your tracks and I find them very well done. ...

kevin o'farrel - I recently purchased globalenemy and wanted to let you know that I think it's awesome - I can't stop listening to it. How much longer before the new one comes out? The MP3s from it lead me to believe that it will be the best one yet. "clarion" especially blows me away.

Ed Highfield (film industry) - Thank you ~ these are some cool CD's. I just got them yesterday. I'm hoping you get some good success from this - its good. My girlfriend likes it a lot too... In case you were wondering I found some of your stuff on LimeWire (gnutella) then searched for your site. Also - I'm a filmmaker in LA and I'm editing a short film I shot in NY... I was wondering if I could use some of your music in the short... or even one step better once it was done if you'd like to compose something for it... ? Ponder that and let me know what you think. ....

passant - thx for the good sound. especially electrovibe is a real cutie. keep going! greetings from the netherlands

Tommy Smith (recording engineer) - I received the "Global Enemy" CD the other day. It is gets plenty of play time, and has been serving as "test" material for a set of Altec studio monitors that we received this week as well. Thank you for the speedy turnaround time, and keep up the good work. I will keep checking your site for anything new........would love to have a quality recording of "Bugeater", so let me know if a CD with that track on it is/or becomes available.

David Schnell (Taiwan News) - Truly amazing! Really breakthrough electronica. ... I come from St. Paul, but live and work in Taipei. ... when I came to subatomicglue, I found your music spans many genre. ...

The Canadian Dead (van_rossum_alex) - High quality, almost addictive and well produced music. Our favourite track was PixelGuru.

Paul - damn! ... great electronica! found it from the link on be reccomending you to my friends. please throw me on your mailing list, if you have one!

Habit Man - Hey ~ I just ran across some of your work, and all i got to say is it's AWSOME. keep up the good work, and if ya need / want any help at all gettin your name or label out there, let me know what i can do and consider it Done :)

gigabomber - just wanted to say i love all of your songs

Traig Foltz (University of Notre Dame Audio Production Services) - thanx for the fast service - this is why i love limewire/napster/gnutella it is a great marketing tool for up and coming folks. i heard "lagoon" and thought "i have to have this cd" so i went to, amazon 7 cdnow and could find nothing. did a web search on google and up popped your site. fantastic. i feel like i found a diamond that nobody knows about (yet!) keep it up. i'll spread the word.

Erik Chovan (unlimiteddesign, contributing artist) - i am a fan of your music and art styles. very interesting and inspiring. ... thank you and keep up the amazing work!! ... I checked out the website recently and it looks great! Good Job!

Andrew Bell - I had downloaded your whole globalemeny album from Napster a year or so ago and absolutely love it. Then after stumbling on your web site, and seeing that you're still producing albums. Well it is time to support the artist some. I'll check back in December for Aeonblue. ... If you ever tour the North East , it'd be interesting to catch a live show. ... Received the disc's today. It was gratifying to see the professionalism that went into their production.

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