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Download Seq24 (Subatomic Mods for Win32)

Here is some work I did on top of RobBuse's seq24.
--> Read the changelog here.

0.) mutegroup-saveload-seqrollfix.patch (patches rev66 from bazaar, for mutegroup save/load)

Latest (subatomic):
seq24-0.9.0-win32-beta-4-subatomic-src+bin.tgz (seq24.exe - adds keybinding GUI patch)
seq24-0.9.0-win32-beta-3-subatomic-src+bin.tgz (seq24.exe - adds mutegroups patch)
seq24-0.9.0-win32-beta-2-subatomic-src+bin.tgz (seq24.exe - adds midiclock/mouse patches)
seq24-0.9.0-win32-beta-1-subatomic-src+bin.tgz (seq24.exe - version 0.9.0)
seq24-0.8.7-win32-beta-1-subatomic-srconly.rar (source code only, see toolchain...)
seq24-0.8.7-win32-beta-1-subatomic-exeonly.rar (seq24.exe - version 0.8.7)
seq24-0.8.7-win32-beta-1-subatomic-fullbinary.rar (everything to run)
seq24-0.8.7-win32-beta-1-subatomic-src+toolchain+binary.rar (everything to build/run)
readme-subatomic.txt (README file)

Original (rob): (Rob's seq24-0.8.7-win32-beta-1 binary) (Rob's seq24-0.8.7-win32-beta-1 source code)

Tested win32 gtk / gtkmm Runtimes for Windows:
   (required to run seq24.exe):
   pthread dll
   pthread dll

Commons License] This
work is licensed under a creative commons license
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