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cinematic techno-industrial
groovy, dark, exotic, with elements of beauty and shadow.
an exploration to the reality of your innerworld.

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[05.15.2010] Mantis307 VST is now available - $20! Now you can make noises just like subatomic does...
[04.17.2009] subatomic posters added to the store! canvas or glossy!
[06.23.2007] subatomic ringtones for your ph0ne, rock out your phone, annoy your co workers
[04.02.2007] jam session with hernan battiato, excellent didjeridoo player. fun stuff. hope to do it again soon.
[01.22.2007] added new t-shirts: orange/blue, black/white, black/blue
[01.14.2007] Gene Kiegel (photographer) uses subatomicglue music in his Kabuki narative, here
[12.31.2006] Hear us on Try^d's newly released album "Listen" where we created the music for the track "Empty".
[11.14.2006] we're now on cdbaby, check it out, read about the band, listen to music, buy CDs
[08.23.2006] new subatomicAMP, uses Flash now (here you go linux people)
[08.05.2006] Sui sends us two fire::dancing::videos. subatomic on fire. anyone got marshmallows?.
[07.26.2006] New Album! selling your friend (for cash) is now released, available in mp3/ogg or jewelcase CD for $5.
[07.18.2006] All CDs for $5.00 ea, enjoy..
[07.18.2006] Full albums available in ogg/mp3 formats, streaming, bittorrent, eMule.
[05.01.2006] created a re-remix of empty (tr^ad's remix of electrovibe).
[05.01.2006] our darksky remix is released on the dark sky remix project CD, announced here, and here
[03.15.2006] server's back, hello san francisco, byebye chicago.
[01.22.2006] We're on synthtopia, cool!" Vocal remix of electrovibe by Try^d.
[11.22.2005] Hear us in 8 Upscale Chicago episodes, premiering weekly starting 11.25.2005 on UPN @ 12:30am
[11.18.2005] Atomic Battle Dragons uses subatomicglue music.
[11.01.2005] Bob Rissetto has created the cover art for the upcoming Selling Your Friend (for cash) album
[10.11.2005] Hear subatomicglue in JonnyRobo2, a live action anime by film students at Ithaca.
[10.03.2005] Hear us on's front page. A weekly 1/2hr television show about Chicago's culture and nightlife.
[08.26.2005] We've had reports that 3 of our tracks have made their way onto the OpenCity 2005 music CD
[07.18.2005] intellectualicebergs podcast featuring subatomicglue background music.
[06.24.2005] Lenoxx uses subatomicglue music on front page of their website.
[04.21.2005] Team3D features our music in 3 of their counter-strike videos: [1, 2, 3]
[02.24.2005] Approached by the BBC to use subatomicglue music in documentary.
[01.25.2005] Added full album downloads in convenient .zip file. FLAC format with JPG images, read readme.txt for info
[01.25.2005] A number of people have asked about donations so we've added it: click the box at the bottom
[11.26.2004] Rev Productions to use subatomicglue music in 2 UpscaleTV episodes (a local Chicago TV production).
[07.28.2004] added subatomicamp, loaded it with several sound clips
[07.14.2004] With the upcoming new album, we thought it was time to redesign the web site.
[04.30.2004] Album covers and fan art are now in the gallery
[03.02.2004] we've been asked to create and remix music for the Communist Aggression ut2004 mod
[08.13.2003] want to wear something different? clothing is now available, go here and scroll down
[05.16.2003] our music has been chosen as the soundtrack to isotope244's new game atomic cannon.
[05.01.2003] CDs are available for order. Aeonblue is now available get the CD, or listen to it.
[12.15.2001] Animation short featuring subatomicglue. Use Divx player to play it.
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